5 Tips for Hiring Pittsburgh Painters for Your Home Project

Apr 17, 2024Higgins Painting0 comments

Pittsburgh Painters

Are you eager to freshen up your home with new pops of color? Whether you’re planning to paint the exterior or refresh your dining room, you’ll want the job done well. It pays to hire Pittsburgh-area professionals to save time and get the crisp results you deserve. 

Read on to learn about five tips for hiring Pittsburgh painters for your home project!

1. Understand the Scope of Your Job

First, be clear on what home projects you want to tackle. And know your spending limit so you don’t go overboard. 

If you don’t know exactly what you want painted, it’s easy to get roped into other jobs. Painting companies that only want your money might try to sell you on painting trim, ceilings, or other parts of your home. It’s easy to bust your budget as a result. 

2. Get Estimates

Never commit to the first local home painters you find online. Instead, collect estimates from a handful of Pittsburgh companies. After all, there could be a considerable range.

You may be able to leverage an estimate from one place to get a better one elsewhere, as well. This is especially true if you’re painting your home in the offseason. Or a company that’s had a lull in business may be willing to offer a discount to earn your business. 

3. Go with Experience

If you’re moving into a new Pittsburgh home, you might feel strapped for time. Or you might not know the area very well. That’s why it pays to go with experienced professional painters.

Experienced painters will tout their credentials and history on their websites. You’ll also see a robust portfolio of work that showcases their skills. 

Don’t leave important home projects to newbies. When you’re upgrading to a fresh house color, for instance, you want painters to take the right steps first. This would include power washing the exterior and accounting for necessary repairs. 

4. Look into Licensing

Ultimately, any reputable home improvement contractor will need licenses and insurance to do their job. Be sure to check that the professional painters you hire have these credentials. 

Without insurance, you could be liable for any injuries on your property. That could translate to thousands of dollars in extra costs you weren’t planning to pay. 

5. Check Referrals

Regardless of whether you’re painting interior rooms or a new garage, you’ll want to be confident about the people doing the job. Take the time to look at reviews online to catch any red flags. And ask for referrals. 

Reputable companies will give you the names of a few satisfied customers. Contact these past customers to learn more about the painting company’s job quality, communication, and costs. Steer clear of places that won’t give you names.

Hire the Best Pittsburgh Painters

Good Pittsburgh painters will have respected reputations and ample experience. Look for companies that offer fair estimates. And be sure they have the credentials to do the job safely and legally. 

At Higgins Professional Wall Covering & Painting, we pride ourselves on offering quality painting services to Pittsburgh-area residents. With over 40 years of experience, we have an established reputation for top-notch customer service and results. Contact us today for help with your next home projects!