Staying Trendy: What Are the Best Interior House Paint Colors for 2024?

Jan 30, 2024Interior Painting0 comments

best interior house paint colors

Have you ever walked into a house and felt nothing? No sparks of excitement, interest, or awe?

The best interior house paint colors should burst with personality, showing off all the unique qualities of your style.

That’s why we’ve put together this easy guide to help you choose the right colors for your house. From trendy to luxurious, find all the design inspiration you’ll need below!

Peach Fuzz

When you want a color that’s trendy and fresh, you can’t go wrong by choosing the Pantone color of the year. This year, it’s a color called Peach Fuzz.

This gentle color is a warm pink hue that pairs well with most other colors. The pastel quality makes it a clever counterbalance to any darker shades you might enjoy.

Chocolate Brown

There’s something bewitching about this dark color and its subtle hints of orange. It draws the eye and provides interest without making a design look too busy.

It’s a warm and rich color that creates a beautiful base for any of your favorite color palettes. Mix and match your heart’s design without worrying that it’ll look tacky.

Using this brown as the main attraction or the accent of your interior painting dreams means your home will always have a welcoming allure.

Bay Blue

Sometimes a color with a calming effect is the way to go. It’s difficult to find a color more apt at this than this ocean-inspired blue.

It works well with other colors, including neutrals, pastels, and vibrant ones. Plus, it can bring about thoughts of the beach with just one look.


Sometimes it’s easy to feel hesitant about trying a color as bold and eye-catching as burgundy. It means you have to be unafraid to go big.

The deep red with tones of brown makes it a pleasing choice for many homes. Used as a main color for the interior, your home will sparkle with personality.

If you feel uncertain about choosing such a strong paint color for your home, take a look at your local residential painting services. A project gallery can show successful interiors that make use of burgundy, and more!


Looking for something sophisticated and unique? Olive green is often the unsung hero of interior paint trends. It stars in a lot of palettes but rarely gets the spotlight.

Now’s the time to give this neutral green the stardom it deserves. Dark neutrals make the olive tones pop, or you could try yellow hues as accents to bring out a summer aesthetic.

Get the Best Interior House Paint Colors Today

Whether you choose a warm brown, deep red, or pastel peach, the key to finding the best interior house paint colors is to go with a trusted paint company. Your perfect color could look blotchy or uneven without expert hands to apply the paint.

With 40 years of experience, Higgins Painting can help you turn your home into a bedazzling work of art. We have the tools and knowledge to tackle all kinds of paint jobs, so check out our services to pair up with our painters today!