3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Local Home Painters

Apr 18, 2024Higgins Painting0 comments

Home Painters

Imagine you just bought a new car. The only problem was that you didn’t like the color, so you sent it away to be painted. 

It comes off the line and it looks horrible. The color is dim and it’s not even the shade you wanted.

Imagine the same experience but with your house. The place you go to every day now looks almost laughably bad.

One way to avoid this is to communicate with the professionals before they start. It makes sure you’re putting your home in the right hands. Read on to learn three important questions to ask before hiring local home painters.

1. Do You Have License and Insurance?

Painters in PA must registered and hold current business insurance. They must also display their number on any contracts, advertisements, or business documents.

Ask to see the necessary documents for proof. They include their business license, general liability policy, and workman’s compensation policy.

The age of your home also affects what certification they need. 87% of homes built before 1940 and 24% of homes built between 1960-1978 have lead-based paint. You’ll need a painter who’s EPA Lead-Safe Certified to deal with these hazards.

The licensing shows that they’re experienced and credible. The insurance protects you from liability if anyone is hurt or your home is damaged during the job.

2. What Are the Specifics of the Job?

Home projects never go exactly to plan, but going in without a plan is like building your house on sinking sand. Decide why you want to repaint, then think about how a professional service can help you.

Find out as many specifics about the job as you can. They include:

  • Requirements
  • Types of paint and finish
  • Number of coats of paint
  • Level of prep and cleanup
  • Plans for weather or emergencies
  • Crewmembers
  • Timeline
  • Home accessibility

3. Do You Offer Free Estimates?

Get a free, in-home estimate before hiring painters. It allows them to get a more accurate picture of the project than if you spoke over the phone or online.

The estimate should clearly outline the cost of painting your home. That includes labor, prep work, materials, and any other expected expenses. Find out how much you’ll have to pay and when you’ll have to pay it.

Don’t immediately go for the lowest price but focus on quality. Be aware that if you change anything about the project before it’s finished, the price may also change. If you shift colors to keep up with home painting trends, the right paint may be harder to find.

Avoid painters who want the entire payment upfront. It’s also a red flag if they try to hide fees behind a complex contract.

Which Home Painters Can I Trust?

Trust the interior and exterior beauty of your home to reputable and affordable home painters.

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